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You want to experience all life has to offer and travel the world.

Studying abroad, whether for a few weeks, a few months or even a few years is now within easy reach. There’s still plenty to consider and organize, but we’re here to help.

We are a community of global citizens enjoying worldwide destinations and adventures. We believe that travelling and new experiences are key factors to succeeding in a globalized and competitive modern world. Join our exclusive community and meet like-minded curious and ambitious international students and entrepreneurs.

Here’s how we can help you

Getting Started

Everything starts with a dream, a dream to experience new adventures and explore new cultures. You have taken the first step to study abroad and every amazing journey starts by taking that first step.

Research and Plan

This is where our team of expert professionals can really make a difference.  We are up to date with all top global universities’ entry requirements, rankings, funding opportunities and trends.

You Go

We can help to plan your budget, organize your course and visa requirements, assist with accommodation and so much more. Now that you’ve decided on your dream destination.

You won’t travel alone

You have reached your destination, you belong to a global community of like-minded international students and travellers.

Decide to stay?

Stay connected and help our ever-growing community of young, adventurous travelers to achieve their dreams.

Share your experience

Stay connected and help our ever-growing community. You can become a club ambassador, or even create your own experience. Let us show you how!


The world is yours, and The Broad Club can help to get you wherever your adventurous spirit takes you