They say education is the key to success. Providing basic education to the young generations is
honoring their basic rights. This is one of the many reasons why most governments, non-
governmental organizations, society and parents advocate for the provision of quality education.
Nevertheless, the immediate environment where children are being taught influences their level
of knowledge and skills base. U.K. is globally recognized as one of the best places to study for
your bachelors, masters PhDs. But why U.K?
Unique Culture
The U.K is one of the countries which has unrivalled cultural diversity, which provides you with
the opportunity of experiencing a multicultural environment, engage with international students,
and more importantly develop a wide range of skills which are part of todays global workforce. Precisely, the U.K does not tolerate discrimination of individuals based on complexion, race, religion or gender. This makes international students to feel safe and comfortable whenever they are in the U.K universities. Quality Education The U.Ks education system is perceived as best in the world. All the Universities in the U.K are
inspected regularly by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in order to assess the teaching
standards, learning and research and to make sure that the set benchmarks are met. By so doing,
the management of various universities in the U.K remains committed to the provision of quality
education to the students. Precisely, every British university is recognized globally for offering
challenging and creative environments which stimulates students to push themselves to the
extreme. The high quality provided in the U.K provides you with a solid foundation of being

recognized and respected in wherever you end up being employed. The degree programs that
they offer are evaluated and aimed at meeting the modern day challenges.
Work Opportunities
With the high quality of education being offered in every British university, students who
graduates from these universities are competitive in the job market. Moreover, you will be
allowed to work while studying during the regular academic year, to a maximum of 20 hours per
week. Working while studying can help you to cater for fees and other miscellaneous expenses.
When the academic year is over, you can seek a full time job, and this means that you can
manage to cover living expenses and all tuition fees on your own.
Time and Financial Benefits
Most degree programs in British universities takes less time to complete than in any other
country. It will take you almost four years for an undergraduate degree and two to three years for
a postgraduate degree in other countries, it will take you three years for an undergraduate degree
and one years for a post graduate degree in the UK. This will save you tuition money and
maintenance expenses. Moreover, there are a lot of grants, scholarships, and bursaries that are
available in British Universities.