Spanish language is gradually becoming a common language in various parts of the world. There
are vast rewards of studying Spanish, especially if you do it in some regions where majority of
the locals understands Spanish only. Studying Spanish allows you to make new friends across
the globe, makes exploring and travelling more exciting, and more importantly, enables you to
discover different kinds of professional opportunities. The experience of studying Spanish
becomes multifold when you are doing it in beautiful places like Cartagena and Medellin in
Language Immersion
Medellin is the second Colombian Spanish speaking city. Most of the individuals here speak
Spanish. Without Spanish you will experience inflexible moments when visiting a grocery, using
public transportation, getting your taste in local restaurants or asking for directions.
Studying Spanish in Cartagena and Medellin gives you an opportunity to completely immerse
yourself, understand Spanish and provides you with a worthwhile learning experience. You will
manage to connect yourself with the Colombian culture in a better and engaging way.
Friendly Locals
Cartagena and Medellin is quite popular for the friendly welcome you get from the residents. The
paisas are greatly appreciative and helpful of foreign travelers. Locals here ensure you enjoy
your stay to the brim. It is very easy to start a conversation with a local anywhere in these cities.
It is worth noting that associating and engaging with the locals brings you closer to their culture
and traditions. With the interactions you get a chance to practice your Spanish level.

Various courses offered by universities and language schools
There numerous options for foreigners to study Spanish in Cartagena and Medellin. It is
incredibly easy to enroll yourself at a Spanish learning center be it in the universities, language
schools or private tuitions. Centro de lenguas of UPB University and centro de Idiomas of Eafit
University are among the top choices for foreigners to study Spanish in Colombia. There are
numerous other popular language schools as well, including Total Spanish, Colombia Immersion
and Toucan Spanish Immersion.
These institutions allows foreign students to indulge in numerous enjoyable activities which
makes their learning experience even more exciting. The educators in these learning institutions
are very supportive, and teach Spanish with a positive attitude towards their students. The centers
also provide a platform or environment for foreigners to make new friends who allow them to
explore the cities and share equal enthusiasm and passion for learning Spanish.
The Spanish is clear
It is said that the Spanish that is spoken in Cartagena and Medellin is the most neutral sort across
the globe. Regardless of whether this claim is strictly true, one thing that is certain is that the
Spanish spoken in these cities is an excellent variety for language learners. The Colombians at
Cartagena and Medellin do not have an accent, and tends to speak slowly and clearly.