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One of the world’s financial powers, China has mega-metropolis cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but it also has serene landscapes. China investing and improving its education system and continues to attract international students.

  • Education in China is affordable! Undergraduate and Graduate courses start from as little as $4,000 per year.
  • Currently, there are around 160,000 foreign students studying in China. There has also been a steady increase in those travelers who want to immerse themselves in their culture and language..
  • Meet truly global entrepreneurs, while learning the third most popular language in the world – Mandarin is the language of almost 20% of the world population. Language courses and summer programs are available for those interested in learning this exciting language..
  • You will be part of a world trend and you will experience something out of the ordinary. It is a truly fascinating place!
  • Some undergraduate and graduate courses are taught in English!
  • It is the fastest growing country on planet Earth. A huge building is popping up every four days!
  • Become a truly open-minded person and prepare to experience a giant culture shock, while being part of the country’s development and from within.
  • Food is something unique, the Chinese take it seriously and it is their part of their heritage. China is the oldest civilization in the world. There are serious debates between Italy and China in terms of who was the brain behind our beloved “pizza”.