Work and Study in Dubai while you improve your english level

Working and studying in Dubai is one of the cheapest and easiest alternatives for students worldwide. EU and International students can travel to Dubai without applying for a visa prior to their departure. 


There are many options to consider but don't worry, our team is in charge of understanding your profile and helping you for free to find the best option.

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We understand your profile and we show you the best options

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We explain all about financing, visas and procedures.

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You are already part of our community and we support you during your experience.


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In The Broad Club the most experienced travelers will help you with tips, keys and connections that will allow you to study abroad without inconveniences or surprises.

Dubai is home to a great educational system, it also enjoys a relaxed atmosphere and a multicultural environment despite English not being the official language in UAE where you will be able to socialize and enjoy your stay.


Fulfill your dream of studying in Dubai

Unlike other destinations, such as Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and European countries, Dubai doesn't require financial solvency during your stay. The visa process is very simple and we take care of everything.

You will be able to enjoy an incredible social life while experiencing an amazing country, having fun and enjoying the wonderful weather.

Studying, living and working in Dubai is without a doubt one of the best experiences you will ever have. The ease of traveling around the world and getting a job to help you with all your expenses are some of the opportunities that this incredible city offers.

Live the experience of living and studying in Dubai.

Dining the Mediterranean style and enjoying a packed calendar of social events keep you busy when you're not studying, and you won't starve!

It is a place where culture and history are literally everywhere, you will also enjoy breathtaking landscapes and incredible beaches.


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It takes a little push to start making changes in your life that will lead you to fulfill your dreams of studying abroad. More than a study abroad agency, we are a club of university students and professionals around the world. We advise you for free

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