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The United Kingdom is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for European and international students.

  • Globally recognized and reputable programs
  • Possibility of working part-time while studying and full-time on vacation
  • The Master's Degrees can be taken in one year, and the Undergraduate courses last around 2 years.
  • You have the right to two years of temporary residence at the end of your studies - Post Study Work Visa
  • Scholarship and funding programs available according to your profile

Our team helps you understand your options.

At #BroadClub we understand the process and our team helps you with tips, keys and connections that will allow you to study in the UK without hassle or surprises.

  • From traditional programs at top-ranked universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, University College London or London School of Economics to more avant-garde and innovative programs at other institutions
  • Internships are available and we can help you find an internship.
  • Admission requirements can be flexible. We show you the best option that meets your expectations.
  • Welcoming and open-minded community There is also a large community of international students

Fulfill your dream of studying in the UK

The UK is not just London, Big Ben or the London Eye. The UK has an estimated 135 Universities and a good proportion of these (approximately 75) are among the best universities globally and appear in the QS university rankings. British universities are not only well recognized for their educational quality, but also for the short duration of each program, the most intensive, innovative and flexible programs.

Live the experience of living and studying in England.

Residing in another country for several years will help you change the way you see things and the whole world. You will be able to learn about their culture, their language and their ideas.


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