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What do we do at TheBroadClub?

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This is what we do:


#BroadClub is a community of international students and citizens of the world, representatives of hundreds of universities and institutions worldwide, who enjoy new destinations and adventures.

We are committed to providing free advice and helping anyone who wishes to travel and fulfill their dream of studying abroad, be it an English, undergraduate and / or master's degree course. We firmly believe that traveling and living new experiences are key factors to succeed in a world as competitive and globalized as the one we currently live in. 

How does it work?

We advise you free of charge throughout the process

Step 1:

We understand your profile and we show you the best options

Step 2:

We help you understand the system and prepare your applications.

Step 3:

We explain all about financing, visas and procedures.

Step 4:

You are already part of our community and we support you during your experience.

Join our exclusive community of international students, meet entrepreneurs and visionaries who share your same interests and live a unique and enriching experience that will help you continue to evolve. 

how can we help you?


#BroadClub gives you a completely free advice which we call "Let's talk" and this is thanks to the fact that we are subsidized by the same institutions worldwide to accompany you step by step throughout the process, such as the selection of the program, accommodation, visa, budget, financing and you will even have the full support of our #BroadClub community when you arrive at your destination and start your new life as a student or international traveler. 

We encourage you to live your experience and finally share your own story with the rest of the community. The idea is that each traveler tells his story and helps many other young people who in the future will decide to take this great step.

What we do for you


From immersion programs in another language to undergraduate and master's degrees in other countries, our community of experts helps you understand the process and find the program that best suits your profile to use your potential and become a professional and citizen of the world. Our community of experts is professionals and students residing in each destination where they are already fulfilling their dream, which is why we are a reliable source of information. What better "guide" is the one who has already traveled the same path that you are looking for.



Any specialty with a work permit

It is the preparation for access to the first year of any university degree. This program is recommended for people who:

- They do not meet the minimum requirements to enter the University. It offers the necessary bridge between secondary education and international higher education.

- It also offers a supportive environment for people who want to return to academia after considerable time

- They want to study a new program from which they do not have many bases

- Require additional training in English

Any modality, with work permit and residence visa at the end of your studies

We help you choose the most suitable university and the Undergraduate or Postgraduate program that best suits your university career in another country.

We encourage you to live your experience and finally share your own story with the rest of the community. The idea is that each traveler tells his story and helps many other young people who will decide to take this great step in the future.

Any specialty, with a work permit and temporary residence at the end of your studies

We understand your profile, and we search together with you for the best options and the best destination.

We understand the system, and we help you with all the issues of applications, financing, and procedures necessary for you to meet your goals.

We help you obtain temporary residency for two years upon completion of the master's degree.

With work permit and the possibility of extending your visa

- Reside, study and work in different destinations where you will be able to live with peace of mind, study for 6 months or more of the course, and obtain an additional 2 months of work visa.

- Renew your visa up to two more periods from the destination where you are.

- Programs from € 2000. We have agreements with financial and government entities to make your life easier.

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Work with us...

If we were a normal company, we would settle for a specific number of full-time workers. But, at The Broad Club, we want to be extraordinary! Currently, we are building a Global Community Agency, a remote team of travel lovers and students… Our team comprises brilliant minds and motivated people who go out of their way to ensure that international students are searching.

If you want to be part of a dedicated team and work from wherever you are, don't hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your own experiences that can help the rest of our community.

Write with us

When we are not 'working,' we are spending our time finding incredible stories, content, and testimonials for many different destinations abroad. If you have experiences to share and want to build your own community, we are waiting for you! We want to hear new, exciting and exciting stories. Please write us!