If you intend to know why you should learn Spanish, first look who is already studying it. Many
students and entrepreneurs are already conquering monolingualism by learning this widely
spoken language. Its popularity and is gradually growing in America, Europe and China and
might conquer other languages, due to its steady vocabulary making it perfect for business
conversations. There are numerous reasons why Spanish is becoming an important language in
the contemporary world.
A great number of individuals are learning it
Current data if taken will reveal that Spanish is the either the third or fourth most commonly
spoken language across the globe after English, Chinese and Hinduastani. According to some
counts, it has more native speakers than English. It is estimated that there are approximately 400
million native Spanish speakers in the world. It is also important to note that Spanish is an
official language in four continents and is of great historical importance elsewhere. An additional
estimate of 60 million people speak Spanish as a second language, and this brings the total
number of Spanish speakers to over 500 million.
Spanish is being used in the business world
In most countries where Spanish is spoken as the first and the second language, everything is run
in Spanish, including advertisements, buying of groceries, and transportation among others. This
means that if you want to market your product in these countries, you must do it in Spanish in
order to ensure majority of individuals get the information about the product or service you are
offering. China is one of the Asian countries whose economy is growing at a tremendous rate.

For it to market its products in countries like Colombia and Spain, it has to be conversant with
the Spanish language.
Spanish Improves your English
Majority of vocabularies of English has a Latin origins. Spanish is also a Latin language, and this
means that as you study it, you gain a better understanding of your native vocabulary. English
and Spanish also share Indo-European roots, and for this reason, their grammars are similar.
Perhaps, there is not any other effective way of learning English grammar than learning the
grammar of another closely related language like Spanish.
Spanish is great for travel
It is perfectly possible for you to visit Equatorial Guinea, Spain, Colombia and Mexico without
speaking a word of Spain. However, it fun to visit these countries when you know or understand
the Spanish language. You will find the visit being interesting if you engage with the locals in
Your neighbor may speak Spanish
Initially, the Spanish-speaking population of the United States was confined to Florida, Mexican
Border States and New York City. Currently, Spanish is being spoken in the neighborhood and
other areas you can least expect to hear it being spoken, including the Canadian border.