As human beings, we feel an undeniable need to belong to our friends, one another, families,
culture, and community or to our world. The aspect of belonging among human beings is primal
and important to our sense of well-being and happiness. That is why we all feel the need to be
part of something. Broader online communities are the current trend and the most promising way
of bring together people from different part of the word, sharing same ideas as way of feeling
connected. Online business has also taken the track and entrepreneurs now share ideas via digital
platforms. Education has also taken new shape where students have formed international student
groups to share and link to each other for social, reinforcement, career inspiration among other.
Below are some fundamental reasons why you should be part of a community.
Inspiration and motivation
Being part of a community you stand at the prime of getting inspiration and all motivation. In a
strong community, there is always one or more individuals doing an amazing thing, which can
motivate you to work harder and achieve bigger goals. Precisely, community members act like a
team that works on common goals in order to achieve successful outcomes.
Whatsapp and Facebook groups are perfect examples of online communities where students
share their experiences concerning lectures, courses or any other educational issues. Through
these groups, you can be inspired to work hard in order to attain better academic goals.
A network of support
There are times in life where you need a particular service, understanding, support or advice.
Being part of a community may be the main solution to your situation. You can post your

concern, question or what you want in an online community and get sorted by the group
members. The group members are more likely to advise you on the way forward in reference to
the situation you are experiencing.
Psychological health
When you are part of a community, you usually feel that there is a purpose and meaning to your
life and that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You feel a sense of belongingness
and consequently cut the bills you might end up sending to see a doctor or psychologist.
When you read the comments, jokes and funny experiences of some of the group members, you
will more likely feel relieved and relaxed. There on-flow of positive health effects are massive,
ranging from less stress, greater contentment, more happiness and less chance of developing
chronic disease.
Being part of a community you have high chances of learning new things. You have a chance of
learning from others concerning their success or what they are doing to make their lives better.
Digital entrepreneurs manage to learn new business opportunities, risks and what you can do to
remain competitive in the business world.
Some community members may also share employment opportunities so that those who are
seeking employment can apply. It is worth noting that you can be struggling to find a job but
with an online community, you can learn about numerous employment opportunities that are