We help you study abroad

The Broad Club is a community of international students committed to advising and helping anyone who wishes to travel and fulfill their dream of studying abroad, be it an English course, degree, master’s degree, etc. Our service is completely free, since we are sponsored by the same universities to provide this type of advice.

Our international community of students is here to help you manage all your educational, accommodation, budget and travel procedures. We take care of finding the destination and study that best suits your needs, from language programs to master’s degrees, regardless of your nationality. The idea is for each traveler to tell their story and help many other young people who in the future will decide to take this great step.

Visas and financing

(All the programs)

We show you the best option in terms of visas and financing options.

Foundation year

(Any specialty)

Preparation for access to the first year of any university career.

University career abroad

(With work permit)

We help you to pursue your university career in the United Kingdom.

English courses abroad

(With work permit)

Legally residing in Ireland for 6 months of course and 8 months of VISA for work.

Master’s degrees abroad

(With work permit)

We take care that you obtain temporary residence as soon as you finish your master’s degree.

What we do for you

The Broad Club is here to help you manage all aspects of program selection, accommodation, budget and all other concerns that you will experience before, during and after your trip.

We will help you find not only the destination that suits your needs, but we will exceed your expectations. We can help you with college admission applications and letters, with the help of our growing network of like-minded people.

Our growing community of ambitious and international students share their experiences through all of our digital channels. We are a trusted and reliable source of information, with real-time updates by students in all of our available destinations.

Our professional advisers and the rest of international students that make up our community will provide you with a complete guide and any type of support throughout your trip. Plus, we encourage you to share your own story with the rest of the community.

Work with us…

If we were a regular company, we would settle for a specific number of full-time workers. But, at The Broad Club, we want to be extraordinary! Currently, we are building a Global Community Agency, a remote team of travel lovers and students … Our team is made up of brilliant minds and motivated people who make an exceptional effort to ensure they provide what international students are looking for.

If you want to be part of a dedicated team and work from wherever you are, do not hesitate to get in touch and tell us about your own experiences that can help the rest of our community. Write us!

Write with us…

When we are not ‘working, we are using our time to find amazing stories, content and testimonials for many different destinations abroad. If you have experiences to share and want to build your own community, we are waiting for you! We want to hear new, exciting and exciting stories. Queremos escuchar historias nuevas, apasionantes y emocionantes Write us!