You are still on time to apply to a university in the UK and start in 2022

Start University in 2022 and access all the student benefits that the UK has to offer

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The UK has agreed to maintain the student finance and support to all EU students starting their University courses in September 2022.

  • Your undergraduate or postgraduate degree fully covered by the student finance
  • Places are still available even if you don’t meet the entry requirements 
  • If your grades were not good enough – there is still a chance that you can start in 2022
  • You do not need to have lived in the UK during the past 3 years – a couple of days are sufficient 
  • Obtain a UK degree, gain work experience and secure that dreamed job

Fulfill your dream of studying in the UK

Some of the best universities in the world are located in London and the United Kingdom. What are you waiting for to make your dreams come true?

Live the experience of living and studying in England

Residing in another country for several years will help you change the way you see things and the whole world. You will be able to learn about their culture, their language and their ideas.


Start your new life in the UK

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